Street Blouse - M/L Crop, Split Side - Dusty Blue & Calligraphy Floral

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Drop shoulder, voluminous cut.
Relaxed style, minimalist design.
Versatile top that fits like a cardigan.
Featuring a split side hem for added movement!

Sleeve length: 27 cm
Dusty blue, collar & sleeve detail in a calligraphy floral design
Model is M/L size; for an oversized look, choose a size up!

Measurements in Size Chart Here
Wrinkle resistant blend of cotton and polyester.
Completely machine washable and safe to dry on high heat.

Made using 100% reclaimed textiles.
Due to the nature of up-cycing, some imperfections may be present.
Thank you for helping us keep fabrics valuable and out of landfills!

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